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Braver Deeds

The West has been won.

Or so Corporal Matt Davys has been told. A black cavalryman, a buffalo soldier, he has made a good life for himself in the peacetime Army. Then word comes of trouble among the Sioux, and he finds himself marching north, possibly to fight.

The Ghost Dance, a peaceful new religion, has swept through the starving Lakota Sioux, and young Comes-Running flees with her family from the evil blue-shirt devils whom she knows will kill them.

Their lives are forever entwined beside a frozen creek, a place called Wounded Knee. Braver Deeds is the epic story of the 1890’s, from Wounded Knee to San Juan Hill.

“I recommend this book to all. Thank you, John.”

Joe HotWing Tillmon, President, Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society