Prisoner Moon Screenplay now on The Black List


The Black List is a service that allows screenwriters to list their screenplays online so industry professionals, including producers, can find and evaluate them. They charge for this and also will provide evaluations for an additional fee. With some misgivings, I decided to give it a try.

I paid to list the Prisoner Moon script and for a single evaluation. Overall, it was a smooth and painless experience — except for the cost, of course.

I received my evaluation about a week after submitting and it seems to be professional. The reviewer seemed to fully understand the story and my goals for the script. Plenty of positive comments plus some useful suggestions for fixing the weaknesses.

The overall score was 7/10. This seems to be good.

Here’s my Blacklist profile:

My favorite quote from the evaluation:

There are strong prospects for this script … The concept is unique for a story that takes place during WWII, and the premise alone should help to turn the heads of some industry readers that are looking for a project within this genre.


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John Van Roekel is the author of three novels of historical Fiction: Lorenzo's Assassin, Prisoner Moon and Braver Deeds.

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