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Prisoner Moon

Over 400,000 German prisoners of war have been brought to America during World War II.

Young Edwin Horst is one of them. Captured in France after D-Day, he finds himself in a Michigan POW camp, threatened by a hard-line Nazi sergeant and gets unexpected help from the Grudens, a local German-American family.

Doris Calloway, escaping her past, has come north from Kentucky to work in the nearby bomber factory. She rooms with the Grudens and falls in love with the troubled oldest son, Hans, back home from fighting the Japanese in the Pacific.

Inside the camp Sam Demsky, as part of a secret government program, tries to teach the prisoners about democracy and ends up involved with the headstrong Gruden daughter, Hildy.

Their lives intertwine inside and outside the barbed wire, with friends and lovers betrayed and reconciled.

The Screenplay

John has adapted Prisoner Moon into a feature-length movie screenplay. The script has received a number of minor awards and won the Feature Screenplay competition at the 2016 Paris Independent Film Festival.

The Stage Play

John is currently working on a stage play adaptation of Prisoner Moon.

News about Prisoner Moon

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John's Red Carpet Interview at the Catalina Film Festival

The screenplay adaptation of John’s novel, Prisoner Moon, was a finalist at the Catalina Film Festival on Catalina Island last weekend. It did not win. But the main goal was for John and Pam to have a Hollywood-style awards experience. And they did. Here’s the red carpet interview.

Red Carpet Interview at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

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I won a very minor award (finalist in one of their monthly contests) for my screenplay, PRISONER MOON. I did not go to the monthly awards ceremony, but I did go to the annual one in early January. It was a real treat. In Hollywood!

Even though this was a very minor award, everyone was incredibly friendly. I was interviewed on the red carpet and went on stage to accept the award in front of a big crowd of filmmakers. Here’s the red carpet interview.

Dani was a real sweetheart and a total professional.